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Hello Everyone,
Our company is helping a farmer do a conversion on their farm over to aquaponics. We are trying to help them with the business plan and are wondering if there is a good place to go to find formulas on figuring potential yields and incomes. Is there a website to find this kind of help? Any advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance. ~Eric

update: just found the FPTool from Aquaponicsource thanks to the video section of the member area. Any other good ones to use as well?


I think Allen Pattillo has some advanced equations about area, yields, revenue.

@dap0005 @dapattillo are you here? Able to offer any guidance?

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Hi Brian,

You can see what I have available currently in my dissertation at


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Thank you @dapattillo@Eric.bacdekfarms does any information in that paper help you?

The Cornell hydroponic lettuce handbook has some solid numbers on lettuce production.


I’m reading your dissertation. It is well done. However, reading this quote hurt my soul: " The high infrastructure cost, production costs, especially in controlled
environments, and complexity of system design and maintenance requires skilled labor
make aquaponics unsustainable economically."
As my daughter would say, “big sad.”
I’m interested in aquaponic urban farming, but the fact that so many of them fail is disconcerting.

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While this is all true, this is all in an environment in which our economy does not force producers / consumers to internalize the enormous “hidden” costs of our modern large-scale industrialized agricultural system…

We are competing against growers that are trashing the planet and dumping costs into our future, so far we have some wins and some losses… but we’re fighting the good fight!


You really need to hire a consultant for those kinds of figures and projections. Thats kind of what they do.

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Aquaponics is challenging as you are having to keep 3 separate organism types alive (bacteria/fungi, plants and fish) vs just 1 or 2 in hydroponics or soil growing.