Aquaponic Jobs in Cameroon

There are several aquaponic positions available in Cameroon, shared by Regina from Symbiotic Aquaponic. “Pay exceeds double the average pay for similar positions in Cameroon.”

Please see these listing for more info:

Biodigester operations manager.pdf (55.1 KB)
Fish farming manager.pdf (60.6 KB)
Fish Feed Production manager.pdf (57.5 KB)
Phytosanitary manager.pdf (68.4 KB)
Post-harvest operations manager.pdf (66.0 KB)
Responsable de production veìgeìtale.pdf (327.0 KB)


When you say double the pay, what is the average pay for this type of work in Cameroon?

I apologize I don’t know, I passed that fact over from the person who asked me to post the jobs.

Word of note there is currently a pretty unstable government situation currently with separatists regularly attacking the capitol so if you aren’t ready for that kind of situation that part of africa might not be for you.

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