Any Tips on getting rid of White Fly on my Cos Lettuce?

I’ve got an infestation of White Fly on my Cos Lettuce and am spraying with Met 62, 69,72 and Thricoderma and Bacillus with some Sea Brix mixed in, nothing seems to budge them one bit. Putting up Yellow Vaseline cards today to see if that will help. Has anyone managed to get rid of them or do I need to destroy the crop and burn it? TIA Andre.

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Using a fogger prior to bug season to get the best results using an ancient organic inhibitor that stops all infected insects from eating, reproducing and egg hatching.

Unfortunately, the product is now banned in the UK but you can still manufacture yourself and grinding the seeds up and boiling them for a few hours and skim off the oil or spray the tea directly on to the plants after removing the solids.

Ensure you wear the necessary PPE and don’t guzzle the tea.

The product: Neem Oil

Alternatively, try this domestic option…
A simple solution made from liquid dish soap and water will kill adult whiteflies without harming plants. Add 15ml of liquid dish soap to 3-4 litres of water and mix well. Pour the solution into a plastic spray bottle and spray it on all infested plants, saturating the leaves’ upper and undersides and the stems.

Lastly adopting permaculture skills can also rid your vegetables from most pests.

Knock them back with baeuveria bassiana and then finish them off with encarsia formosa releases

Baeuveria Bassiana

Read before you apply.

Dude pniu stop with the pointless trolling its getting old. From the paper you linked

" No adverse reactions in individuals as a result of contact with Beauveria bassiana strain 203 during its development, manufacture, preparation or field application have been reported."

There is nothing concerning about Baeuveria Bassiana its widely used in not only veggie production but also smokable products like cannabis and tobacco.

I get that your upset about your plastic post but give it a break dude you don’t know what your talking about at all.

Baeuveria Bassiana is one of the safest products on the market and you can even collect and culture it in your own backyard in the summer time in most of the world its been used for 60+ years theres nothing concerning about it at all.

WTF is an ancient organic inhibitor? LOL

You recommended neem oil?

Neem oil is fish toxic if you overspray too much. Azadiractin poisoning is one of the leading causes of death by suicide in india. While ok to use on occasion its not really safe to use regularly. This was further proven by the azamax and other azadiractin recalled in the last 2 years based on evidence by the state of Oregons health department. Thankfully they monitor this stuff to death thanks to cannabis. Azadiractin has also been linked now to hyperemesis syndrome as well.

Neem also does very little to stop white flies as they reproduce much faster than you can normal treat for with need as you can not use it daily. Neem also flavors vegetables in a very negative way as well unlike many other treatments that actually work well. So maybe know what your talking about before making up nonsense about Baeuvaria Bassiana being worse than neem oil lol.

Your tone isn’t appreciated in this community and therefore I will advise you to delete this response with a more professional reply. Otherwise find another accommodating forum that allows such tone and trolling.

You seem to always jumping to conclusions and when proven wrong, you jump onto the next post to find fault.

How about you provide an alternative other than a criticism.

Misuse of neem oil has resulted in such tragedies.

Your fungi contribution was followed by a risk assessment publication to give users/readers more information/knowledge about the product.

Neem Facts

Neem Use History

Just stop with your trolling and gaslighting you don’t even know what your talking about and it shows.

I don’t care if you don’t like my tone your the one acting childish and trolling my replies so i called you out for acting like an idiot. Thats your problem not any one elses that you caused.

I don’t jump to conclusions when proven wrong you literally are just here to cause drama like with your mindless search for plastics that arent there or mindlessly trolling other peoples posts who disagree with you. Your spreading bad info to boot.

I did provide a coarse of treatment that is safe and effective lol Are you incapable of reading too now?

No you posted it to try and troll and imply that its not safe which is just pure bullshit dude. We both know you came here to reply for attention because i replied to your search for plastic that isn’t there. Maybe to do some research on something viable like silica, or lactobacillus and make yourself useful instead of just being an uneducated troll?

I have been doing aquaponics ALOT longer than you so stop with the silly arguments. You joined in Feb 21 maybe listen to those with experience.

STFU Pot Head and get off your high horse (ooh I been here longer than you)

I have been in this business for 19 years.
Built and sold 6 commercial units, largest being 4 hectares.

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Pathetic edumacated trash, most likely you’re a highly sensitive millennial snowflake.

Allow readers to interpret epistemological information provided and a determine what action to consider.

A pothead who knows signifigantly more than you do on this topic for sure. Yes not only have i been in the association alot longer iv been growing in ap a few years longer than you have in AP we called them river tanks then. Iv build commercial facilities around the world and including soil fed by aquaculture well over 1000 acres now in africa alone. Again its cool that you think you know things but stop trolling and stop looking for problems that aren’t there just so you can feel better about yourself.

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You don’t know how to solve this issue. Neem SUCKS at treating white fly which you would know if you had ever had to treat them at a clients grow op. It doesn’t work it only kills the stuff thats directly sufficated by it. Bassiana kills them for up to 72 hours and kills them thru direct or indirect contact post spray giving a much much better efficacy rate. I know because i treat them all the time in cannabis in outdoor grows. Encasia Formosa are the best for killing survivors. That will treat the issue in 2 - 3 weeks instead of the 2 -3 months of non complete treatment with neem as you suggested while reducing the quality of the lettuce at the same time. Especially for lettuce which is harder to get good spray coverage for neem is basically useless against white fly. So please stop with your misinformation you just look like a fool and its obvious you have no real idea how to treat white fly. Maybe spend some time brushing up on your IPM programs before picking a fight with the person who regularly treats them on a much more expensive crop.

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Ok grandpa. The only people who are anti cannabis are either ancient and uneducated or willfully ignorant to the fact that it saves thousands of lives per year. Cannabis does not give aquaponics a bad name its saving the industry almost single handidly. More testing is done on a single cannabis run for legal compliance than most universities with aquaponics do in an entire year. We have more ppm data, growth data, nutrient data, secondary metabolite data, and plant hormone production data in just the few cannabis facilities than most of the rest of the aquaponics academic community combined. Unlike lettuce growers we have money to spend on research and development of better methods and we have to test for it to be able to legally sell it. So again your whole uneducated on that topic to but keep proving to us how little you actually know about this topic your truely a joke of a human being.

No actually. Most of the methods that were considered the standard have been improved on and moved past thanks to newer research.

You really really might want to watch my podcast you can see a ton of my research for free over 800 hours of it now on your favorite podcast app or youtube. You have no clue about aquaponics at all it shows go back to your hydro grow or what ever mess your playing with.

No one sane thinks its a gateway drug any more. The only real gateway drug is alcohol.

Also its odd for some one that claims to have sold so many commercial systems and at 2 hectares yet theres no record of you any where on google, linkdin or any where else online for that matter. Lying about that too?

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No again your just an idiot. Do you not realize i run the biggest nutrient testing and management company in the entirety of the US right now? We manage more gallons than any other company by a country mile now. That data is mostly from clients or inhouse lol. But again your to uneducated or ignorant to do a basic google search.

Oh stop the community is fine you just need to stop picking fights with people who actually do aquaponics for a living. Dont act like an idiot and youl have a good time.

Is Cannabis a Gateway Drug?

Wow plenty of proof.

I wonder if you guys met in person if you’d actually be good friends and have a lot in common?

Your arguments both include lots of interesting points but also lots of direct personal attacks which don’t benefit anyone. Please continue the discussion with a kinder / gentler tone?

Lastly, the Association can maybe organize a Members Zoom discussion to hash out this topic virtually face-to-face?

We are all on the same team here for sustainable agriculture and you both have some great experience and impressive accomplishments under your belts :slight_smile:

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no lol far from it but if you insist on pushing old racially motivated ideas go ahead. Come on man low effort as best you linked a google search term? You can’t even find a white paper?

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Did you know the US constitution is written on cannabis? Did you know George washington required 18% of all farm land by any one who owned more than 2 acres was REQUIRED BY LAW to grow cannabis by the US government? Did you know for the 100th anniversary of the US the then sultan of Turkey gave one of each variety of cannabis they had at there royal palace to the president where they were grown on the white house lawn for decades after?

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