Any Tips on getting rid of White Fly on my Cos Lettuce?

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I’ve started using electrolyzed water to clean and keep my plants clean of insects. It works especially well if used before your get a major infestation. I am working with on cannabis indoors, but have placed some plants outdoors to test the efficacy of this treatment. I expect to get lots of insects attacking my plants so this will be a great test. This machine was originally made and is most commonly used for human health. Treating plants with it is a relatively new use. DM me if you want specifics on the machine I use.

oh god thats even worse please stop using or supporting the pyramid scheme that is kegan water its pure snake oil and does nothing to prevent pests at all.

We really need a pinned snake oil post for these kind of suggestions.

I had a bad infestation 2 years ago, and encarsia formosa worked great to keep the population low. You can also try banker plants & Swirski-Mite to keep a population of predators at all times.

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Read this article to know the effects of Neem oil in Aquaponics.

Knock the population down with isaria fumosorosea or beauvaria bassiana then 3 days later release encarsia formosa to kill the survivors.