Where are the webinars?

where on this site are the webinars located? I am a member and there are a few I missed that I would like to check out. I don’t see where they are stored?

Hi Benca,

The webinars are located in the members only tab on the left hand side of your screen under “categories”. (see photo)

Once you have entered the members only section, you can access the webinars under the webinar group listing (see photo).

Please let me know if you are having any further issues!

All the best,

Josh Dusci
[email protected]

Thanks I guess I am not a member, I just signed up and was exploring to see if I wanted to pay. I assume that is behind a pay wall. Thanks Josh

Benca - Yes it is behind a paywall. General memberships are $5/month or $60/year if you are interested!

Josh -

Will the slides from the 2023 Conference presentations be posted behind the member’s paywall as well?