What feed is everyone using?

We are dealing with large freight cost and was wondering the location people are buying feed from and the name of the Companies?

Optimal seems to be the best for the aquaponics industry. https://optimalfishfood.com/

I just learn about them recently. Many people said a lot of good things about them. I was using Purina Aquamax for years. The Purina site will recommend a local livestock feed store for pick up. I hope this helps. Good Luck!!!

thanks for the info Here in OK I am in a AP desert I have to ship in fish food – I am learning “fish food” as to the good and bad, cheap ect ect thanks for the link! JD

To run a successful aquaponics system, it is important to provide a high quality food to fish. This results in health fish and a healthy system overall. Low quality feeds often result in lower nutrient availability and system clogging with additives. We worked with fish nutritionists to develop a high-quality, non GMO diet for omnivorous fish. We as well as clients throughout the US and around the world have used this diet with success for many, many years. Shipping throughout the US if FREE. Samples are available, free of charge, with any purchase of $50. Request info at [email protected] Fish food details at https://aquaponics.com/product-category/aquaponic-growing-supplies/fish-food/