Webinar: Emerging Technologies for Solids Treatment and Remineralization in Aquaponics"

“Emerging Technologies for Solids Treatment and Remineralization” is the Monthly Public Aquaponics Webinar for December! :fish::poop::recycle::shamrock:

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@VLobanov will discuss various types of solids treatment in municipal wastewater systems and their application for aquaponics. Related issues to be discussed are the potential of biofloc as a treatment strategy; the chemistry going on behind aerobic and anaerobic digesters; and novel new strategies like purple phototrophic bacteria and other microbial assemblages.

The Webinar will take place Wednesday, December 22 at 1:00pm Eastern Time. Hope you can join us!


Where can i find recorded webinar ?

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I’ll be posting it in a day or two, sorry for delay…

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Thank you for answer. Will wait for that .

Hi I didn’t register for this event but would like to watch the presentation is there any way to sign up or be able to get access to the recorded videos?

Thank you

Hi, thank you for your interest. All Monthly Public Aquaponics Webinars are free for the live airing but available on replay for Association Members Only. For Membership info please visit: Membership — The Aquaponics Association

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Where would members find them please Brian?

Don’t worry, just found it :wink: