Using sludge for fertilizer

I am looking for information on using sludge as a fertilizer on pastures. My thoughts are that it would be applied as a liquid’


What are you referring to as sludge?

I am talking about the dirty water that comes out of the swirl filter when you are commercial that sludge can amount to a considerable amount of volumn

You can certainly use it as fertilizer - just treat it like manure. Most ppl tend to put it into aerobic digesters and reintroduce it into their system (minus the solids that don’t break down like ash, etc.) to ensure complete nutrient retrieval from the fish feed/waste - especially since fish food isn’t cheap.

yes I agree with everything that you said and that is why I was looking for some analysis or possibly a study that had been done on using it as fertilizer

Maybe this kind of study might give you some idea or lead info to what you are looking for.

THANK YOU This was exactly

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