USDA Advisory Committee Nominations

The Aquaponics Association nominated five aquaponics experts to serve on the USDA’s new Advisory Committee on Urban & Innovative Agriculture.

Read the letter: USDA Advisory Committee Nominations - March 2021

The 12-person committee will advise the Secretary of Agriculture on the development of policies and outreach relating to urban, indoor, and other emerging agricultural production practices, as well as identify any barriers to urban agriculture. This Advisory Committee is a component of the USDA’s new Office of Urban & Innovative Agriculture, created by the 2018 Farm Bill.
Listed here are the five experts nominated by the Aquaponics Association:

George Brooks, Jr., Ph.D.
Dr. George Brooks, Jr. is the Founder, President & CEO of NxT Horizon, an Agrifood Tech development and consulting firm that focuses on the urban aquaculture of tilapia and giant freshwater prawns through aquaponics.

Paul Brown, Ph.D. @pb1
Paul Brown is a Professor at Purdue University in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources. He joined the Board of Governors of the Aquaponics Association in January, 2021, and serves as the Director of Aquaponics Research.

Marianne Cufone
Marianne Cufone is an environmental attorney who is recognized nationally for her expertise in recirculating and urban farming. Marianne runs a number of urban farms in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Richard Charles Shultz
For the past 4 years, Richard “Charlie” Shultz has served as Lead Faculty for the Controlled Environment Agriculture program at Santa Fe Community College. Charlie has held a number of aquaponics positions since his original work at the University of the Virgin Islands in the 1980s.

Angela TenBroeck
Angela TenBroeck is a fourth-generation farmer with recognized expertise in urban, indoor, and emerging agricultural production practices. Angela founded, developed, and operated the first commercial aquaponics facility to obtain Safe Quality Food Level 3 certification, Traders Hill Farm.

Read the letter: USDA Advisory Committee Nominations - March 2021


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