USDA Advisory Committee Members

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced it is seeking Members for an Urban Ag Advisory Committee. It is very important for the aquaponics community that individuals with knowledge of aquaponics are included on the Committee.

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Do you have ideas for good representatives of aquaponics that we can nominate for the committee?


I am very interested getting involved. Born and raised old school Amish with years of research in sustainable agriculture which includes aquaponics.


I’d also throw out @twheet if they’re interested. :smiley:

Very humbled to serve in this role if the Association ends up nominating me.

I’d suggest Angela TenBroeck might be a good candidate. She has relevant experience with a wider variety of crops than most other candidates.

Con10u2farml3c, is very interested in serving and will be submitting an application along with nominating someone from Urban Ag space to include Aquaponics.
James Brady

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