Upcoming project in sub Sahara countries

Just a short message to convey the good news: Our project proposal on a Horizon Europe call was accepted. The INCiTiS-Food project, lead by TU München and BW Uni, aims to develop low tech hydroponic and aquaponic systems as well as insect production systems in six sub saharan countries. The systems shall be co-designed and built from locally available materials with local inventors and entrepreneurs in living labs. System sizes are going to range from domestic systems to small commercial farms, encouraging self sufficiency and entrepreneurship.
I’m really stoked because I think this 4 year project is going to have a tangible impact. Very much looking forward to starting the project.


If you need help iv already done most of that in Zimbabwe and South Africa feel free to reach out. [email protected]


Great! We are going to contact you for sure.
It will take a while, though. Project start is not before October.

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Makes sense to wait till spring look forward to hearing from you.

Congratulations @romor001 , hit me up if you require ground logistics/collaboration in Nigeria.

Amazing project. We would like to offer support and collaboration in Kenya. Kindly contact us. [email protected] Thank you

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Very encouraging, knowing that to get grant from European Commissions as Horizon Europe, Eurostar is not easy. Congratulations and success.


Thank you!

Yes, from 19 project applications from other groups, only ours was successful. I am really happy. Our consortium lead at Uni BW and TU München did an amazing job!


If you are interested in future collaborations, we are running an aquaponic company in Rwanda - with links to both Scotland and Denmark.
Company is called NjordFrey.

congratulations on your project