Top 3 aquaponics systems available nationwide

What are the top 3 aquaponics systems available nationwide in US? Thank you!

There are a number of system providers if that’s what you’re talking about. People selling systems that are STEM focused may be smaller table top, some that are more medium sized / FAO manual sized focused on feeding one family, and some that are more commercial producing thousands of heads of lettuce a week. Maybe you can give more information on what you’re looking into and scale so the community can give better direction. What values are you looking for in a system (automated, indoor, outdoor, CEA, etc.)

Thank you!

We’re hoping to learn the top 3 aquaponics systems available nationwide so we can understand their setup better as we consider some tweaks to our system (commercial scale, CEA).

Some good systems to check out may include @tksawyer’s line of products.

Sustainable harvesters has a nice setup with lots of tours on youtube.

Superior Fresh also has a huge setup

Angela who is very good at food safety has her setup with Worldwide Aquaponics

Ken at Ouroboros Farms is known for his longstanding system.

Emerge open sourced their designs that they use internationally

Hope that helps.

Very helpful.
Thank you so much!

There is a nice system design and operational manual available on under build one of our systems.