Tilapia fry in Aquaponics ( All male)

A short notification to let members know that here at Island Aquaponics and Tilapia Hatchery we are continually producing all male tilapia for our own grow-out and sale to local retailers as well as supplying quality fingerlings to growers on neighboring islands in Hawaii. We operate a bio-secure farm with no inputs except for the commercial fish feed that we ship in from the mainland from a reputable feed mill.
The fry we are offering are regulated under the INAD program ( USDA, AADAP) and since we have an excess to our own requirements are selling and sending these to aquaponic growers locally with fast growing and high yields and nearly all male populations.
We have procured good rates for overnight delivery throughout mainland USA from Fedex and guarantee live arrival. We require customers to sign on delivery a standard waiver that they will honor the set withdrawal period of 150 days prior to selling these tilapia for human consumption (this is an INAD requirement).
Cost of fry delivered depends on quantity ordered. Any members interested in further information can contact us by email - [email protected]