Thinking Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture

We’ve been talking to WFP & FAO for some time now here in Jordan and do think that eventually they’ll make some big pivots to aquaponics in developing contexts. These are big organizations and they take a while to move but we’re starting to see programs like this and HP/AP/AC type integration, and that’s exciting.

“Already, there are various technologies in urban farming and their uptake is growing exponentially. Hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics as well as LED lighting, remote management apps, and robotics are becoming the new normal in commercial urban farms.”

More than 500 market players and influencers have been already identified globally. These are from both the public and private sectors, including farming companies, technology providers, research centres, real estate investors, retailers and farmers’ associations.

"Various approaches are being applied at the production level, with both vertical and horizontal farming models, and using hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics or soil-based modalities. In addition, some companies are investing in technologies, research and development in areas such as LED lighting, greenhouses, growing media, remote management apps, and robotics.

A growing number of municipalities and local governments are investing in community gardens to improve the quality of life for residents. These gardens may also potentially increase resilience to climate change by decreasing the heat island effect in cities and supporting the capacity of cities to manage rainfall drainage."

And a quote from Wafaa:

“Modern urban farming may represent the beginning of a long-lasting change in the agri-food business, although many questions are still to be answered,” said Wafaa El Khoury, FAO Investment Centre Service Chief. “For all its promises, urban agriculture is an exciting yet complex phenomenon that we are addressing holistically and strategically.”

Urban Agriculture Presentation (4.1 MB)


Was this a presentation at the AA conference and if so, is it possible to cite it?

No it was a presentation by the WFP recently, had to register for it

THank you Johathan. It is a really interesting presentation. Glad you shared it.