The Schedule for the 2nd Annual Virtual Aquaponic Cannabis Conference is finally here!

We are happy to announce our incredible line of up speakers for the 2nd Annual Virtual Aquaponic Cannabis Conference from around the globe. We have a world class line up of speakers from Australia, Vietnam, South Africa, Columbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, and across the USA.

They will covering topics like sustainable production, DNA analysis of soil microbes, microbial production and inoculation, sustainable production, ferments as nutrient inputs in aquaponics, breeding cannabis in aquaponics, organic certified aquaponic cannabis production in the EU, cannabis cultivar patent and protections, Korean natural farming inputs in aquaponics, soil science for aquaponics, commercial aquaponic considerations, living soil applications in aquaponics, pest management in aquaponics, Aquaponic production in Africa, commercial growers panel, craft/microlicense growers panel, home growers panel, and MUCH MUCH more!

Live November 13th & 14th from 8 am to 10 pm PST

This completely free event is hosted via youtube here on the Potent Ponics Youtube Channel

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