The Potential to Raise Rainbow Trout in Aquaponics

:bulb: Due to a rapidly changing climate, the abiotic environment surrounding open-loop aquaculture systems is leading to increased aquatic mortalities and lower productivity. Although on the global stage the rainbow trout is one of the major freshwater fish cultured, it has not yet been as successfully developed commercially in aquaponics. But maybe there is potential for the rainbow trout and aquaponics to form a desirable partnership.

:pushpin: Research Highlights:
:arrow_forward: Rainbow trout are primarily reared in flow-through systems in concrete raceways, a considerably dangerous technique as multiple aquaculture projects combine contaminated water that then surges into a larger water supply. Some countries have passed legislation minimizing waste expulsion into water reservoirs.

:arrow_forward: 70% of rainbow trout is farmed in flow-through raceways situated within mountain streams; 10% of the species is farmed in a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS).

:arrow_forward: Rainbow trout possess one of the highest market values globally. However, due to climate change degrading the growing conditions for rainbow trout, there is a considerable decline in production of the species in its highest-demanded countries.

:dart: Due to specific requirements and limitations of the rainbow trout to thrive in, the fish species is less often utilized in an aquaponic system. However, rainbow trout is increasing in demand worldwide while accessibility and practicality of flow-through systems dwindles, suggesting significant advantages to the species’ economic demand. Consumer preference should not be ignored, and with a high protein content and favorable nutritional value, research indicates a promising partnership on the nearing horizon between rainbow trout and aquaponics.

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