The Aquaponics Food Growing Explosion

AquaponicsUSA was an early adopter. We’ve been designing and selling Aquaponics Food Growing Systems since 2009, but something has drastically changed in the last few months. It seems that the announcement President Biden made almost a year ago on March 25th, 2022, has finally sunk in. He said,

“Yes, we did, ta . . . talk about Food Shortages, and it’s going to be real.” If you want to see this rather hair raising announcement, just go over to our TikTok Chanel here:

Just wondering if our fellow Aquaponics Association Members are also experiencing the new energy around Aquaponics Food Growing Agra-Tech. Below is one of our smallest PLUG & GROW™ Aquaponics STEM & Home Food Growing Systems. We’re so happy to have finally joined this great group of like-minded fellow entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.



Systems look great! Do you all use any external filter before pumping water into the grow beds?
Also would love to have you all as a vendor at the upcoming 2023 conference in Albuquerque, NM! Heres the link to the conference website. You can find all vendor/sponsorship info on there.


Need to update your logo.

No we do not use any external filtering prior to putting fish tank water in our media grow beds. Why would we?

We are split on weather or not to be a vendor. I can’t see paying to be a vendor if all we are going to does preach to the choir.

Who else is going be there other than other vendors?

Oliver Duffy
Aquaponics USA, LLC
[email protected]



Good eye on the logo. Will fix by tomorrow, the link works though and takes you to the 2023 website.

In my experience, filtration before the media beds reduces solid fish waste build up within the bed. I suppose lower fish densities would reduce this issue but me personally, I would want to grow as many fish as possible within my system.

I received your email and will get in touch with you about vendor information by tomorrow. We are anticipating around 250 attendees this year for the conference. As you know the aquaponics community is a diverse group so it will likely be a mix of educators, researchers, growers, students, industry players, and other interested individuals.

It would be great for you all to join us, as you have been apart of the industry for quite sometime, always a good thing to connect with new and old faces!