The Aquaponic Cannabis Master Class Makes a Great Holiday Gift!

Thinking of getting into aquaponic cannabis cultivation next year? Get your self up to speed on all of the latest aquachronic science with this all in one master class.

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i might get this for my great grandmother

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No one grows the dank quite like grandma does! She makes the BEST brownies too.


Do you have a private e-mail address? I would like to ask you a private question.



you can send me a private message here on the Community Site.

Good morning Brian,

I am a second-year member. I joined because I like the concept and efficiency of Aquaponics. If I was 30 years younger, I would probably be a player in some way.

My specific question, and you may not be the person to best answer this so I ask you to direct it to who might be, is this:

Earlier this year I sent a charitable donation to the Aquaponics Association through my charitable giving fund at Schwab. Recently Schwab informed me that the check was inactive and recalled. So what I think may have happened was that it was sent to a wrong address or the wrong person and was never accepted/processed.

I would like to yet again make a donation but before I do, I would like accurate information to provide to Schwab, who will complete the paperwork.

Can someone provide:

Non-profit tax number
Correct/full name of the association
Contact’s name
Contact’s phone number
Accurate mailing address.

Is there one area of the organization that is in need of funds, say scholarships, education, research, etc? I can request to monies to be directed to specific needs.

That is about it. Let me know your thoughts.