Thanksgiving & Krampus Sale! Save big on our all Aquaponic Education!

The Aquaponic Cannabis Master Class, The Aquaponic & Living Soil Pest Control Course, and the Aquaponic Mineral & Microbes Master Class are all on sale thru the end of Krampus (Dec 5th) use Coupon Code Fall for $75 off the Aquaponic Cannabis Class and $50 off the Pest Class.

These in depth classes cover far more content than any college or university course currently available.

Here’s what a few of our students have had to say,

“The Aquaponic Cannabis Master Class has helped us become one of the top cannabis producers in South Africa” ~ Shannon
“I never knew there was so much to pest management that I hadn’t been exposed to” ~ Sara
“I feel like I was just assaulted with knowledge” ~ Jason
“This course really helped fill in a lot of the gaps in our aquaponic knowledge that we haven’t seen covered in other courses we have taken” ~ Kevin
“The Pest Control Course allowed us to finally get our insect issues under control after years of struggling in the summer” ~ Bob

Aquaponic Cannabis Master Class
Aquaponic & Living Soil Pest Control Class
Aquaponic Mineral & Microbes

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