Tell me all the cool things you're doing with aquaponics!

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing the last blog post for my Open Think series about aquaponics, found here: Danielle Maitland

I’d like to include as many examples as possible of how people are using aquaponics for community/education/research/commercial pursuits.

If you’d like to be included, please respond to this post with a sentence or two explaining what you’re doing, and a link to your website or a relevant news article. I’ll try to include as many examples as I can fit.


Hi Danielle! What is your deadline for people to respond to this post?

If you think it fits, I am developing a patented biodegradable plant substrate that improves water quality and supplements iron with natural chelators instead of synthetic chelators like EDTA and DTPA.

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I’d love to hear more about this! We spend a ton on chelated iron and I’d much prefer a more sustainable/organic alternative. We have 2 small commercial systems if you’re looking to do trials at scale, I’d be interested in partnering.

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Are you still looking for examples.? Our GAP-certified aquaponics farm provides fresh romaine lettuce to our local school systems as part of the USDA farm-to-school program. We are the first GAP certified aquaponics farm in the Commonwealth.


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I agree that chelated iron is a great issue to focus on, especially for farms seeking organic certification.

@wyndalegardens do you have any pictures of your system? It sounds like a great scale for testing!