Speakers Wanted - 2020 China Aquaponics Conference

Hi, we usually arrange offline gettogether annually for Aquaponics hobbyists in Shanghai and Canton. Last year, 2 events attracted over 200 attendants. Due to Covid-19, we will do it online this year next month. If anybody is interested in sharing your experience with us, please contact me by email: [email protected]. Thanks.

Due to the lack of personnel, we can only manage to interpret for a few speakers, the open invitation is now closed. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing and what a great opportunity! Wishing you and the conference great success.

Thanks for the info. Could you share the official conference site address so that I can send it to my friends and Gov. agency guys related to aquaponics in Korea?

email : [email protected]

Emailed you let me know sounds like a great event.

@jon @socialaqua @potentponics Thank you guys. You are welcomed to join. We have had about 20 Chinese speakers from hobbyist, commercial farmers, and universities, and a few speakers from AA members. This event is organized by a group of Aquaponics enthusiasts. We do not have an official website for you guys to follow. We are working closely and will inform you of the details soon.

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