Solids Removal Webinar starting soon!

The Monthly Public Aquaponics Webinar is today at 1:00pm Eastern Time! We’ll be joining Victor Lobanov to discuss new technologies for solids removal in aquaponics. 🐟💩🐟💩🐟💩

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Victor Lobanov is a Ph.D. researcher at the Marine Sciences department of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, specializing in the development of sustainable and innovative aquaponic systems.

With a background in technical chemistry, molecular and microbiology, as well as bioprocess engineering, Victor is working on developing strategies to lower economic barriers to waste treatment while increasing production outputs.

These strategies include nutrient remineralization and revalorization for freshwater and saltwater RAS, incorporation of novel, high-value food production systems into existing designs, and the integration of waste streams with other bioprocesses.

Hi Victor,
Is there any way to see the video of your webinar afterward ?
Thank you very much !
Best regards,

We’ll be posting it in the Member’s Area within a few days, please stay tuned…