Sneak Peak at the biggest Commercial Aquaponics Facility in Oklahoma Vertica Aquaponics


Bain the head grower of Vertica Aquaponics is doing an absolute stellar job at supplying Oklahoma with the best cannabis in Oklahoma. They are the largest aquaponic cannabis facility in Oklahoma and one of the largest in the country. They have 2 dispensaries with 2 more awaiting permits. There head grower trainer under me both in my classes and in person at a facility with both helped construct. The amazing 2 liter size buds i think speak for themselves. Thank you again to Vertica Aquaponics and Bain for giving us a tour which you can find here Growing With Fishes 235 Bain of Vertica Aquaponics Along with a long interview with there head grower.


Have you tried Nano bubble generators with your Cannabis ?

yes. Too much oxidation caused issues. I dont run oxygen injectors or nanobubbles on any cannabis facilities it increases cost per run as well.