"Smart Farmed" Produce Label

You know I love a good tech article :smiley: Would love to know how many of you would prefer using this type of label and what it would mean to your customers…


Farmers everywhere are incorporating these same techniques in a variety of forms and under a variety of names—precision agriculture, smart farming, site-specific crop management, and more. At root, all these approaches use data to better understand the plants and radically reduce water and chemical usage, optimizing yields to an extent that was unthinkable in the past.

A study published this year on American growers showed that the adoption of precision agriculture technologies resulted in a 6% increase in crop production, 14% reduction in fertilizer use, 15% reduction in herbicide use, 16% reduction in fossil fuel use, and 21% reduction in water consumption. The report estimated that precision ag technology already removes an amount of carbon equal to taking 200,000 cars off the road.

What’s needed now is a way to empower the people who have the biggest say of all on the future of farming: consumers. A smart-farmed label would let shoppers know at a glance that data and technology were used to grow as efficiently as possible. It would arm consumers with key insights, cast a halo on dedicated farmers who have been embracing these technologies all along, differentiate brands, and shine a spotlight on a more sustainable approach to agriculture.

In the wake of the pandemic, 60% of shoppers say they’re making more purchases based on ethical and sustainable considerations. Growers’ use of data and technology to minimize waste is an important part of that calculus. Ultimately, a smart-farmed label represents a critical step toward a more sustainable food system.

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