Slides from ABQ conference 20023

Does anyone know when or where the presentations for the 2023 conference can be found or will be found? Last year, we could find them in a Google Drive folder that was shared with us. Will something like that be done again? I am wanting to use a few slides that I saw there with a Water Reserachers group that I lead at West Texas A&M. I didn’t take any pictures of slides because I generally just don’t like doing that. Also, I thought they would be available for us to review later.

Any word on this?

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Hey Nathan,

I’ve been working through some of this material. I hope to provide everyone access by this weekend. Ended up coming down with COVID last week so I’ve been recovering from that and have not been able to make much progress towards some Association items. Thanks for your patience!

Josh Dusci

Sorry to hear that, Josh, but I am in the same boat! I didn’t want to be the first to bring it up :see_no_evil:

You aren’t the only one that came down with that. Myself and Dr Boeing also ended up getting it after the conference was over. She seems to be doing great now, but I’m still recovering.

After hearing about you and others getting it too, I’m assuming it probably spread around at the conference.

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Josh -

I hope you are feeling better.

Any updates on the slides? I would also like to see the videos of the Superior Fresh and the Desert Verde presentations if they are available.

Thank you.

  • Logan

Hi Logan,

The videos have been uploaded to a shared onedrive folder and are available for viewing. What is your email so we can share access with you.

All the best,

Josh Dusci

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Some of the presentations and videos seemed to be marked with special access, or rather it brings you to a screen that says, “you do not have access to this file,” Of those presentations that do that it won’t even show a preview of what’s in the file? Not sure if anyone else is experiencing that. I also wanted to revisit the Superior Fresh presi, and can’t find it, it may be one I don’t have access to… All good either way there is still a wealth of knowledge available from the conference. It was an amazing time, sorry I couldn’t stay until the end, yet I’m glad I was able to include the conference in my epic driving journey across the country…

See ya’ll in Dallas! Yeeha

Josh -

My email is [email protected].

Thank you.

@Jdusci Can you send the link to the OneDrive folder for me to view the presentations as well? [email protected] I’d also like to send it to two other conference attendees if that is allowed. They are not members right now, but they might become members if they need to in order to get access to these materials.

Anirban Pal, [email protected]
Kenneth Leitch, [email protected]

@Tyaga Could you please tell me which presentations/videos you are having issues viewing? Thanks and see you in Dallas!

Nathan, only people who attended the conference can access the videos. Please reach out to at my new email address:
[email protected]

So we can talk about other memberships!


This is a screen shot, you can see to the right it says, “who has access, you do not have access to this file.” This is on the Choudury presentation, and several others including videos are doing that for me… Hands up confusion emoji

So you are not able to download the presentation at all?

From the screenshot all that says to me is that you cant view who these files have been shared with or not, doesn’t necessarily mean that you do not have permission to actually download the content for viewing.

Sorry for the back and forth on this just trying to figure it out as everyone should have access to these files based on the sharing permissions.