Share your pictures!

Hi Aqua-Pioneers! The Association is always looking for awesome aquaponics pictures to use in social media posts and public documents.

Please reply here with pictures that it would be OK for us to use in our materials. Your pics may get used and seen by our 50,000+ social media followers.

Please include brief captions, where applicable, such as the name and location of the systems, and any brief commentary that may be useful.



Are there specific type of pictures you are looking for?

We are documenting our build, both in text and in pictures. I am about to start translating our build log to English, as well as adding to the picture library.

Please feel free to use from this. If you have specific requests we can get more pictures for you. I am a bit behind on this work, so even if the pilot facility is operational not all the stages are yet properly documented. (The below is a link to our Flickr album)

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