September Webinar - Proven Results: Nanobubbles Improve Aquaculture & Horticulture

“Proven Results: Nanobubbles Improve Aquaculture & Horticulture” is The Monthly Public Aquaponics Webinar for September 2021. Register here:

The Webinar will take place Thursday, September 16 at 2pm EST. Warren Russell from Moleaer Inc will conduct the presentation.

Hope to see you there in a bubbly mood! 😊💦

Anyone here had experience with nanobubbles yet?

Yeah, for a customer in Belgium, we started testing this technology in an aquaculture setup.
You can read allot about the benefits in horticulture, but due to the high retention time of the oxygen it should have some good effects on the fish as well as on the whole system including moving bed filters. I won’t be able to share allot as we have a NDA but I am very interested to find out more in the webinar.

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