Seeking advice on Aquaponics


I came across this site whilst looking for ideas on Aquaponics.

I am just constructing an outbuilding/garage: floor area, 32 Square Metres.

It has only two windows on one side. Will it be suitable for Aquaponics use?.
Many thanks for any assistance.

yes it will be suitable for aquaponics use but you will need lighting, climate control, ventilation.

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Hello Brian,

It’s great to have your reply. Reading about it Aquaponics seems rather exciting.
Please, what can you advise me in how to go about setting up a system?.

Sizes of tanks (as per size of building, height is about 2.5 Metres), kit, materials, components, costs, type of fish, etc.

Thank you.

I would highly recommend going through these manuals because it really depends on what you’re looking to do.

Particularly the fao manual, ksu manual, and the manual by Simon goddek

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Hello Jon,
I will be a bit upfront here.

I came across this site because I read the term ‘Aquaponics’, in a foreign newspaper, of someone resorting to Aquaponics to earn a wage.

More directly. I had this building constructed for a particular purpose, but intentions never always work as planned. So, having gone to such an expense I decided to see how I can try to recoup some of my outlay.

So, the above should answer your question, ‘depends on what you are trying to do’.

Thank you.

Aquaponics is expensive to setup and get started so not sure it will be the right choice if you are trying to recoup your outlay on the building - but it is a lot of fun and you will learn a lot.

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