Research Needs - 2nd invite

Earlier this year, we invited the Members to list their research needs, Several great topics were listed, but we only had 4 responses. This is a second call to present your research needs to the broader community. On Saturday 10/23, we will convene a Research Panel during the Annual Conference. The Panel will list their Research ideas and we will overlay those with needs identified by you. Your identified needs are important for the research community, as they help identify and justify research proposals. The researchers ideas might stimulate new ideas for operation of aquaponic systems and new collaborations. This invitation is not limited to producers, anyone can submit needs/ideas. Let’s get this exchange of ideas going!


We’re very interested in knowing more about the needs/ambitions of researchers so thanks for diving into this @pb1

Some key areas of interest:

  • Fish feed for AP (there seems to have been some discussion, but I think needs to be explored more – especially for remote applications)
  • We like microbial life. Need to know a lot more about them. Similar to what Mathilde Eck talks about in her research.
  • Interested in more studies regarding the bacterial alternatives to artificial preservatives

I think it’s worth mentioning that here at Aquaponics AI we’re interested in knowing what data would be helpful to the researchers and how we can work together to take essential research and apply it to systems worldwide.

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Id love to ad to this.

We recently launched the Open Nutrient Project which i think might heavily benefit the associations research.

Can you briefly describe the Open Nutrient Project? Thanks

@Sarra21 You need to be here, come share with us some geeky stuff :grinning:

This is interesting, we need to get this train moving ASAP

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I have been doing research on electro-culture in aquaponics and have also made applications to my system. I would like to know if anyone in the aquaponic industry is doing this?