Remote monitoring of Nitrite and Nitrate

Hi! I have been looking for cost-effective/affordable sensors/probes to remotely monitor nitrite and nitrate. I have already offer from the commercial service providers which are 1000$ and beyond my budget and more necessarily not required for a small aquaponic system. I will be more interested to work on a remote nitrate monitoring system mostly as it is related to frequent water change. Please share your experiences whether with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any other IoT boards. Thank you.

Unfortunately we have yet to find a reliable and cost conscious sensor that can do nitrite and nitrate. these are actually pretty important metrics and I think that it actually may be worth spending the money on these. With what I’ve seen I don’t think I would trust anything under $1,000. Maybe others have ideas?

I completely agree with you. If it is 1000$ should be ok with many if they have a sizeable farm. On top of that, I am even thinking about going for an optical sensor/probe for a better precision. Let’s see if others has any opinion.

Hey All, the importance of nitrite and nitrate levels, just as with ammonia is such that we use strip tests on a daily basis and log the results. This link is where we buy ours; I would not recommend remote sensors, too expensive.

I appreciate your reply. Test strips are not suitable for remote monitoring while on holidays at least. I would love to spend a thousand bucks to automate and make it more reliable. I believe we can find something or there is something already in operation. I just do not know. Let’s see.

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You actually get holidays? :wink:


Don’t waste your money on nitrite and nitrate sensors. Invest in good system design.
I believe DO, PH, water level, air and water pressure sensors are more important. A weekly test is sufficient for nitrite and nitrate.

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Fortunately, lol. I lost a few fishes in my last holidays due to nitrate spikes. This is why I need to find a solution to monitoring my nitrate level.

100% correct. To kill fish with nitrate (not nitrite) your #'s are very high. Reduce your fish population and fix your nitralification sub-systen, which either is not working or is sadly undersized.

Run a balanced system and you can test weekly - unnecessary, but if it makes you feel good …

I’d be interested in following this thread if someone comes across a low cost, reliable solution. Something that could work for developing countries.

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Thank you for your scientific/biological explanation. My system is running perfectly. I was actually looking/seeking technical solutions such as Arduino, raspberry pi based sensors/probes to monitor nitrite, nitrate. I already have a Temp, EC, DO, PH meter in operation. Just for peace of mind and to avoid all sorts of manual testing. Be safe and stay home if you are in the EU :slight_smile:

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That is what I was looking for. I found solutions to monitor nitrate with a probe that can last 240 days with regular calibration. However, it costs a fortune for backyard aquaponics for hobbyists. I hope someone would have an idea to do it.

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What software are you currently using to monitor the system @iotdev.kazi?

Nothing fancy. Self-developed android app for the moment. I am storing it with MongoDB and then plotting it in my own app. For the moment I do not have time to make it fancy. :slight_smile:

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I have a basic pi set up with monitoring and alerts that I adapted from my days as a serious aquarist. I real-time monitor ph, tds, or, conductivity, and res. I find that in a balanced state, that these parameters are the easiest to monitor via existing probes and simple open source code in a cost-effective manner. If anything starts to hit pre-determined boundaries for normal operations (based on my historical data and gut feeling) or swings quick, I have basic alerts set for text/email/calls. ITs not perfect, but it’s a sub 200 dollar data providing early warning notification to get in and start testing and solving the issues. Id highly recommend a starting point here with even the easiest readily available multi-parameter meter from Appear (no connection) has a very insecure Bluetooth signal that goes to its native app, which can easily be routed to any type of speed sheet/database or any data logging vault and then a small amount of basic code and you have whatever alerts you got lost in my harangue of a reply; happy to assist as open to and would love better ideas and methods.

keep your elbows wet and your positivity apparent,


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i´d like to know more about that please!!

Could you tell me more specifications of the monitoring system you use please? I am trying to put it together

Hi! Is it something related to nitrate or nitrite? If yes, I would like to discuss further. This thread is related to these two important parameters.

What is a Holiday? I feel like I used to know…

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There are probes that comes with a water quality analyser (ThermoFisher Scientific) for measuring nitrite and nitrate (and a whole lot of other parameters like DO, TDS, pH, conductivity etc.). It can be hooked up to a desktop. Maybe you can make it sync up with your smartphone/device since you know your way around computer. Most interesting thing is in all the parameters I used to work with, no reagents are needed. Just filter the sample, dip the probe and you have your results. But, price maybe a problems

Just an Idea. Hope it works for you.

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