Recent Board Actions

Hello Aquaponics Community!

I just wanted to let you all know about some recent votes taken by the Board of Governors so that you know what’s happening.

Last month we voted on four items. Here are the resulting actions:

  • Created new structure for Aquaponics Association operations. The new structure revolves around 7 “subcommittees”:
    -Administrative Committee
    -Conference & Events Committee
    -Commercial Working Group
    -Research Working Group
    -STEM Education Working Group
    -Community Working Group
    -Public Policy Working Group [tabled for now]

  • Updated the Board of Governors Expectations document. See the new version:
    Aquaponics Association Board Description Jan 2022.pdf (161.7 KB)

  • Created the Working Group Annual Expectations document. See the document here:
    Aquaponics Association Working Group Expectations ii.pdf (105.0 KB)

  • Granted the Commercial Working Group a budget of up to $1,000 for compensation to create a financial checklist for aquaponic bank loans.

Please let us know if you have questions or comments.

And don’t forget that we are currently looking to fill 2 spots on the Board of Governors (Secretary and the Director of Community Aquaponics) and for an Administrative Assistant. See job descriptions here: Three positions with The Aquaponics Association ii