Producing for homeless veterans but growing

We started aquaponics to provide food to our Resident homeless veterans and families. But I want to branch out. I am adding beds/tanks to current greenhouse but I am wondering, can we get an “organic” qualification for this?
If so how we do it.

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For Organic certification questions, we usually speak with Juli Ogden of our Affiliate Member, The Farm Plan. You can reach her at [email protected]. Let us know if you have any questions. Please let us know if this helps.

Will share the best way for homeless aquaponics veterans soon. Based on container aquaponics. You can live in it.

You can get organic certified but unless your very large in scale its not financially worth the expense at the end of the year. The high costs to maintain the certification and the low return over normal aquaponic pricing make it not a wise economical choice for most growers.