Prawns in deep water culture

A member is seeking information on raising prawns (freshwater shrimp) in the deep water culture unit. Can someone with experience help?

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I am also very interested in this topic as I would like to include it in a commercial operation

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I rear M. rosenbergii in ponds using biofloc periphyton substrate. Hydroponic roots could have the same effect. We are testing floating hydroponic rafts on our ponds. The issue is that plants will impact dissolved oxygen. In ponds we have less impact but in aquaponics and smaller tanks the impact should be monitored carefully.

Our experience: (Ignore the photo. We used a DWC)

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Some of my experience is that the pond should be 2 to 5 feet deep and 1 to 5 acres in surface area. Use skimmers, filters, and aerators to keep water quality at an optimal level. And fertilizing the pond will ensure plenty of natural food for the shrimp in the form of algae. In addition, the pond should maintain a temperature of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH between 6.5 and 9.5. You can feed the shrimp when they reach 5 grams. Smaller shrimp will get enough nutrition from the small organisms in the pond. Shrimp can be fed twice daily, more often at dusk as shrimp are nocturnal.