Plant domestication

In recent years we have learned that many domesticated plants have lost their ability to communicate with the microbes in the natural ecosystem. This inability to communicate with their neighbors has led to crops that are more susceptible to pests and disease and do not produce their full potential of healthy lipids and secondary metabolites.

A byproduct of an incomplete understanding of how our breeding practices impact plants, but that’s okay. We learn from the past and create our futures.

Growing healthy crops and saving seeds keeps our genetics diverse and strong, adapting year after year to our individual climates and co-evolving with all of the organisms in that immediate area.

Assuming the theory proposed in this paper that we control our plants and our plants control the biology around their immediate environment is true.

What prevents you from taking the reins of your crops and creating a better future for your and its children’s children?

Without #seedsovereignty there is no #foodsovereignty

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