PhD or Post-doc position in aquaponics (Univ. Gothenburg)

Hi all,

Our research group at the Marine Sciences Department at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) is looking for candidates to fill a PhD or a Post-doc position. While based in Sweden, we work internationally across the EU, US, Canada, Australia, and other countries. For this post, we are specifically interested in someone working primarily in North America.

The ideal candidate will have good lab skills, organizational skills, and a desire to work closely with industry (aquaponic and aquaculture farmers). Scientifically, our group focuses on a wide range of research topics such as waste revalorization in aquaculture (mostly RAS) / novel feed design for finfish / pathology (finfish, shellfish) / developing novel aquaponics / microbial development across aquaponic compartments / biofloc and biofilm formation / neuroendocrine pathways in shellfish. For more information, please contact Dr. Alyssa Joyce [email protected] with a CV and cover letter describing your qualifications and interests.

Looking forward to meeting our next team member!


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