Passion For Aquaponics

Hi everyone. I’ve been putting this off till I could get a good grasp of what the AA was all about. I believe AA is going to go a long way in furthering folks passion for Aquaponics and I am proud to be here.
I’ve been doing hands on Aquaponics in one form or another since 2006. I have been a Qualified Chef for 35+ years. I have construction experience of 12+ years. Both of these have been instrumental in my journey through Aquaponics. I haven’t obtained any degrees, though in hind site, that would have been nice.
I’ve been the speaker on Aquaponics for 4 years at “Prepper Camp” held yearly in Saluda NC. I initially started Aquaponics as a way to becoming Sustainable through my Preparedness Advocacy.
I focus mainly on Mobil Systems Design and breeding of Tilapia and Redclaw Crayfish. I build “Systems” for folks in Western North Carolina and several surrounding states.
To all of you who have put your time and effort into the Aquaponics passion, you are much appreciated.
Thank you


Welcome to the community. Look forward to your contribution and learning from your unique experience. - Daniel

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Very encouraging sharing, I am still learning about Aquaponics and I trust 2021 is the year I will start .my backyard Aquaponics farm. Thank you for sharing your experience

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