Open Nutrient Project Now Live!

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The Open Nutrient Project is now Live at

The Open Nutrient Project is a massive database of all of the tools you need to make your own nutrient inputs for your garden be it soil, composting, fermenting, teas or other natural inputs.

Simply select the input you’d like to make, Select your plant inputs sorted by mineral ppm, create your input, Choose from the list of nutrient tests to quantify your results, enter it into the form to share your results , and view what others have found as far as nutrient content of there organic inputs.

Quick Links to make life easy for ya.

Water tests for all nutrients for aquaponics or liquid inputs:

Nutrients by ppms:

Form to enter inputs already tested:

Database of others inputs :

NPK Values of basically all organic inputs:

Hopefully this helps you with your facility and or garden.