Online Aquaponic Cannabis Master Class is Now Live

The New Online Aquaponic Cannabis Master Class is now Live. This comprehensive class covers all you need to know to successfully grow cannabis aquaponicly including: System Design, Nutrients & Supplementation, Pest Management, Plumbing Design and Troubleshooting, Fish Husbandry, Maximizing Yields, Fast tracking new genetics, Microbial Inputs, Harvesting and Curing, Licensing and Permitting, Archive of Insects and Pathogens both Video and Pictorial, reference tables and countless other topics. If your looking for the ideal holiday gift for your sustainably minded stoner there’s never been a better time to dive in with federal legalization just around the corner. New sections will be released a few times a week with all content Live before Christmas. New sections and new slides will be added regularly to keep you current on the latest innovations. More info at

Not sure if class postings are allowed I didn’t see anything against it in the rules so if it is please delete and I apologies.

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Nice posting Steve! yes you are an Affiliate Member so we encourage you to post your promotions in this area!

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a handful of people are having issue with the link here is a direct link to the class.


Thanks for sharing the link. :+1: I signed up to keep in touch with them. Thanks.

I am very interested in this class. Hope to attend some day.

The class is available any time with regular large updates of new content post launch. First 600+ lectures will be out by Christmas with new blocks of content regularly after.

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Hi. Just had a look at the on line curriculum and i must congratulate you on a comprehensive, turn key course. Can I Confirm that its a regular annual subscription which well give you access to regular updates. maybe one day you may consider a one hit short course like a introduction to the plant and its needs? Personally I’m a couple of years and a couple of 1000 pound short of taking advantage of this. But maybe one day.

Yes the class is a yearly subscription you get access to the back library of content and all additional content for one year. Also im not sure why you think its 1000s of pounds its only 500 Pounds Sterling unless the exchange has greatly changed since my last trip thru London.

Sorry, dyslexia kicking in again, it should be 100’s