November Aquaponics Webinar

“Optimizing Aquaponics Through Nutrient Mass Balance and Anaerobic Phosphorus Mineralization” is the Monthly Public Aquaponics Webinar for November!

Register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom

The Webinar will take place at 10am Eastern Time on Wednesday, November 17. Hope to see you there! :smiley:

The date for the event is set as Nov 7, so you can’t actually register.

Thank you for the note, you’re correct. I made the edit, please use this link to register: Webinar Registration - Zoom

Sorry for the mixup!

Thanks Brian. Are these sessions recorded? Was hoping they were as it would be 2am.


Yes but only for Association Members here on the Community Site. If you’re a Member you’ll have access.

Great! Thank you Brian.

Where are the Webinars available?

Members Area > Webinars Folder