New to the group

Hello All,

I just joined the group. I actually interacted with the person running the AA LinkedIn page. Iโ€™m here to learn and grow, share info, and help each other improve our skills.

My name is Brian Ireland.

I love agriculture, horticulture, web design, engineering, and much more.

Learn more about me by visiting my LinkedIn profile here (๐Ÿ“ธ Brian Ireland ๐ŸŒ - Cruz Web Designs | LinkedIn).

Hope to connect and share tips/tricks.

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Hey Brian! Welcome to the club! What kind of system are you running?

Hello @Cori,

I donโ€™t have an aquaponics set up at the moment. Iโ€™m currently planting seeds indoors (soil media or charged carbon) and plan to transfer them to the raised bed gardens when temps warm up a bit more.

I hope to set up a hydroponic or NFT system for lettuce this summer.

I love that members on here post equipment they no longer need.

Have a great day. Wish I could make the webinar. Thanks for recording it so we can catch up later.

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Iโ€™m Frederick Aluka, a new member passionate about sustainable greenhouse aquaponics. My interest lies in leveraging aquaponics for wealth creation, food security, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Joining this community is a thrilling step for me to connect, learn, and share insights on expanding aquaponics globally.

Iโ€™m eager to dive into discussions, share my journey, and learn from the wealth of experiences here. Together, I believe we can empower individuals to start their own systems and make significant strides towards our shared goals.

I look forward to growing with this community!

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Welcome to the Aquaponics Association Frederick!

Here is the link you can use to sign up for your membership today: The Aquaponics Association Community

You should also check out our virtual conference coming up next week if you want to connect with other community members and learn more about aquaponics:

I am the communications director for the association and can help point you in the right direction if you have any questions or need anything! Welcome to the club!