New comer saying Hi to everyone

Hi, This is Shen. a new comer saying hi to all my teachers/colleagues/friends. I am interested in environmental restoration and invasive species control via aquaponics, timber bamboo farming/processing, and Asian carp (and other invasive species) harvesting/processing as a social entrepreneur. If you are interested in working together, please shoot me an email. Thank you.


I’m all for harvesting foreign invasive species. In fact, I think that’s great! But how can invasive species be controlled via aquaponics?

Hi Rob,

Thank you for writing to me. I plan to harvest Asian carps, make fish patty for human consumption, and grind processing waste including bones, skin, guts etc for fish feed. If it goes well, such harvesting can be extended to feral hogs, nutria etc.

Please keep in touch. Maybe we can work together on things we are both interested.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Sounds great! I’m in New Jersey, USA. Where are you located?

I’m in Columbia, MO. I don’t believe there are many Asian carps in NJ. There are invasive snakeheads, but those fish are hard to be harvested in large scale, not like Asian carps (gill net is very effective to harvest Asian carps in large scale. But it won’t work well for snakeheads). They provide a good sport to catch them by line n hook.

If you are into bird hunting, the invasive Eurasian collared dove can be a fun sport. They might be harvested in large scale (likely you will get by catches so we may need a permit to harvest them because we may need to ensure the permit office that we have ways to release the by catches unharmed.). If you are interested, we can work together on that. They are said to be good for food for human consumption. If we can generate some profit while controlling them, we could use the profit to fund other projects for environmental restoration. Before we start, we may need to find out its market first or we may have trouble to deal with the catch.

Eurasian collared dove may carry West Nile virus so be sure to wear mosquito repelling ankle rings when approaching them.