National Aquaponics Show 2022 in France: opening soon!

Don’t miss the next Aquaponics Show which will take place at Echologia in Mayenne (France) from October 21st to 23rd!

For a quick overview, this little video of the last aquaponics show from year 2020: Salon de l'aquaponie 2020 - Retour sur le premier salon national sur Echologia/Aquaponia - YouTube
(you can toggle subtitles and “auto-translate”!)

All informations on the upcoming aquaponics show here: SALON 2022

We’d love to meet you there if you’d like to come !
And if you can’t make it, then we can meet another time, whenever you want, you’re welcome to come and visit us at Echologia/Aquaponia:

Best regards!
Guillaume and the team.