Nanobubble Research

University of Hawai’i studying nanobubble technology for aquaponics with a $200,000 USDA grant:

Anyone here using nanobubbles yet? We’ve discussed it at a few conferences.

We tried it. Ditched it due to it over oxidizing iron and other nutrients. Was increasing our overhead with out any real difference in growth at least for cannabis. It did make us burn thru iron much faster tho.

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We are using a nanobubble machine that is co-developed with local government institutes. We tested it in our DWC system for growing leafy greens.

In terms of yield/weight, the lettuce was growing around 20% faster than w/o nanobubbles.
Lab reports were showing 22~30% increase of micro-nutrients,

Due to the NDA we signed, we are unable to disclose more data at this stage. We are aiming to mass-produce the machine later this year.

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Wow those are great results, where are you located?

The Nano bubbles cause more turbulent water to flow within the DWC water mass than without them, that in turn moved more of the Nutrient water past the roots of the vegetables.
That in turn caused improved plant growth.

What do plants need at their roots to grow, nutrients and minerals.
Water is the transportation medium. get the water to tabulate without Nano bubbles and you will get the same or better results and be cheaper to run the system without the side effects.

The goal is to get more nutrients and minerals that are available to move past the roots and in so doing better yields will be realised.
Nano bubbles increase Oxygen levels, great for the fish. More sanitation.
Increase of Iron needed to supply to the system, was a negative effect financially for the same growth rates.

That is what my findings were after 1 years of use.

Maybe I was doing it incorrectly and you found a new way. Time will tell and testing in different clients systems will be the ultimate test

Good luck

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We are located in Hong Kong, will update you guys again once there is more news.

ps, we also found that nanobubble is useless with hydroponic-NFT setups, probably due to the low water volume in the gutters

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