Middle East & North Africa: Free Webinar (English, Kurdish, Arabic)

To all my good friends in MENA:

If you did not know I have spent the past 10 years in Jordan working through tech & aquaponics. I love it (the region, the people, the technology, and the potential). I am passionate about how aquaponics will transform the region and really see it as one of the most viable long term solutions in this context.

That being said, I also feel like the awareness is still very early and people need to hear about it. So, I wanted to share a free webinar I will be doing in collaboration with the US Embassy in Iraq and IREX on Aquaponics & AgTech in the context of sustainable/regenerative food systems. It will be simultaneously translated to Arabic and Kurdish.

I think it will be pretty introductory for many of you who already practice Aquaponics, but please share this with people you want to influence and who may be interested in investing in Aquaponics.

Awareness is a critical step in the viability of the industry in the region and this webinar could help.

See you there.


Hi Jonathan
My name is Bassam Mansi. I’m building a commercial aquaponics farm in Jordan. And I could not attend your webinar an I was hopping if there was a recording.
my email [email protected]
cell # 962798842829

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Greetings Bassam,

I will be back in Jordan in a month or so would love to meet up and see what you’re building. I don’t know if the recording will be made available soon or not. If you registered you may be able to access it.


Thanks Jonathan
I’ll look forward to meet you soon. Until then I wish you the best.

My best regard and respect to you