March Webinar: Building Job Skills in Prisons with Aquaponics

UPDATE: You can now access the webinar here

In the United States, incarcerated individuals often re-enter society with little to no skills for employment. Given the rapid growth of aquaponics and greenhouse agriculture, the Aquaponics Association works to provide opportunities and certifications for incarcerated persons looking to live a life of fish and plants.

Join us Thursday, March 18 at 6pm EST to learn more! Register today, space is limited:

The Webinar will feature:

Mac McLeon, CTE Instructor, Texas Prison System

@DudeGrowsFish , CEO, 100 Gardens

@kate , Community Director, Aquaponics Association

This Webinar is part of the Aquaponics Association’s Free Monthly Webinar Series to reach new growers and expand opportunities for existing growers.

The Aquaponics Association is a 501c3 nonprofit, Member-based organization that expands the practice of aquaponics through education, advocacy, and connection.

Aquaponics Association Members will have access to this Webinar, and all prior webinars, in perpetuity in the Member’s Area of the Aquaponics Community Site.

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Kate, Mac, and Sam are getting ready for tonight’s webinar, don’t forget to sign up!

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You can now access the video here: