Letter to Biden-Harris Transition

The Aquaponics Association has sent a letter to the Leadership of the Biden-Harris Transition team for the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Commerce: https://aquaponicsassociation.org/articles/aquaponics-letter-to-the-biden-harris-transition-team

The letter requests that the incoming Administration consider three actions to support the growth of #aquaponics: 1) fully establish the USDA Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production; 2) recognize new and emerging food production systems, such as aquaponic systems, as critical suppliers of food; and 3) ensure that aquaponics remain eligible for USDA Organic Certification.

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Great letter and excellent, timely action.

David Lodge

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Hey Brian, has the Canadian situation from the past year (dereg. of the CDN GAP for aquaponics) got you guys down there concerned about the commitment to aquaponics in the states, is it something else, or just want to solidify the commitment?

i havent checked on that situation since last year, i will check back in with our food safety contacts to see updates. Yes, in general, it is a concern that this notion could spread to other countries or certifiers.

In the EU we have indications that aquaponics will not be classified organic for a long time to come. EU has changed the organic classification of potted salad to no qualify as organic from this year. It has to grow in soil. So I hold no hope for aquaponics and an organic certification. I think we have to go for certifications that show actual environmental impact.

That is too bad. I’m hoping the decision was not a political one, but I imagine it was. In Canada it was. We as aquaponic producers have to become open and savy at selling the safety of our grow technique so that the public sees and recognizes the natural and environmentally friendliness of it, so much so that they don’t even recognize it as being anything other than organic.

That is sad.

From a marketing and business perspective I’m really interested in Charlie Schultz’s classification of AP being “beyond organic” and even think that could be an awesome counter to the organic label and a consumer wouldn’t think twice.

Ultimately, i believe the ideal is for us to have our own label… but this is a long and expensive process for our label to be able to command the same price premium as the Organic label. And this doesnt help growers NOW that need the price premium for their business.

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Hey Brian,
Hello everyone,

Good new year to you all. Own label might habe to be the solution for Aquaponics. For European farmers that would also be a chance to head into aquaponics with their operation. As mentioned by bjelkeman this might be the only chance to set themselves apart from conventional farming as they will not be able to join the bio, organic, or Demeter train. All the best to you for 2020 fellow Aquaponicers!!!
January 11

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Great work putting this together. It is unfortunate about EU and organic, but not all hope is lost alternative labeling, locally produce goods, and telling the story how the food was farmed to consumers will be very useful tools going forward.

Also getting involved in the organizations involved in decision making helps. A lot of times people haven’t even seen an aquaponic system.

And there is always the route adapting the systems to work with soil production, which has its limitations but can economically be very practical.

All and all I am excited what we as a community can create or change together.

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Its not looking good Biden picked one of the worst people possible to be ag secretary. Will be an uphill battle for sure.

Wouldn’t worry too much about any Biden Appointees. Appointees can’t do much if they never ACTUALLY get appointed. I believe “Aquaponics, Beyond Organic” would work really well to get the message across.