Lactobacillus extends shelf life of produce. One more reason to use it in your aquaponics

“Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is, undoubtedly, a healthy habit that should be adopted by everyone (particularly due to the nutrients and functional properties of fruits and vegetables). However, at the same time, due to their production in the external environment, there is an increased risk of their being infected with various pathogenic microorganisms, some of which cause serious foodborne illnesses. In order to preserve and distribute safe, raw, and minimally processed fruits and vegetables, many strategies have been proposed, including bioprotection. The use of lactic acid bacteria in raw and minimally processed fruits and vegetables helps to better maintain their quality by extending their shelf life, causing a significant reduction and inhibition of the action of important foodborne pathogens. The antibacterial effect of lactic acid bacteria is attributed to its ability to produce antimicrobial compounds, including bacteriocins, with strong competitive action against many microorganisms. The use of bacteriocins, both separately and in combination with edible coatings, is considered a very promising approach for microbiological quality, and safety for postharvest storage of raw and minimally processed fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the purpose of the review is to discuss the biopreservation of fresh fruits and vegetables through the use of lactic acid bacteria as a green and safe technique.”


I’ll have to study up on this more before my uneducated brain can decide how I feel about this, but on first glance, it sounds like adding antibiotics to chickens. What they are proposing here is one of the main reasons I grow some of my own vegetables at my house, so I know no chemicals or anything else has been added to them before I consume them. I harvest right from the system in time to get a meal ready. Hopefully others here have a more positive spin on this, but for me, I have no plans of adding anything to the produce I grow at home.

LABs is not antibiotics it consumes common pathogens as a predator think pac man. Probiotics is the future of not only food safety but increases shelf life and LABs is a big part of that. This is one of the best and safest inputs some one can add to there aquaponic system and really does need to be widely used in our industry to help prevent many issues people worry about and increases your profitability not only thru faster growth but better shelf life as well meaning your customers are happier with your product.

Now that you say probiotics, that makes more sense. Thank you for this response. I’ll read further into the article with a better attitude. :slight_smile:
So how would these get added to an Aquaponics system? In the fish tank? Sounds like it would benefit the fish also?

Pour LABs in your sumps or media bed inlets and the curds get fed to the fish.

Hi, can we get LABs from another source than rice ?

Yes you can make it from Milk and Kiefer yes.

Hello, I have been trying to utilize LABs I make from kefir, cultured rice wash and milk for about a year. I add 2 to 3 quarts of LABs to a 700 gallon system every 3 to 4 weeks. I do notice the percent of solids in my digester significantly drop (measured) from the use of LABs. I also believe (although I don’t have measurements) the less circulated spots in the system are cleaner of any solids with their use.

I am not sure if I am using them correctly or not frankly. I do notice the PH drops in the system significantly when the LABs are added. This PH drop concerns me to have such a sudden drop in PH over a short period. I add the LABs directly to the sump and some at each inlet end of the DWC beds. I’m not sure if I should PH balance the LABs before adding them or just drop them in and adjust the system after they are added. Sharing my methods - others can weigh in with theirs and/or let me know if I am heading in a bad direction and why.

I haven’t tried to PH adjust the LABs as I am not sure what PH range they survive. I assume they can survive in the 6+ to 7+ range since I can see them in my system after the PH is back to 6.8. I run the system at 6.8. I also notice some foam develops on the surface of the sump and the fish tank when the LABs are added. This foam last for 4 to 6 hrs. I haven’t sampled the foam to understand its content. The first time I saw this it was a little concerning however it seems to be normal in the process.

Sharing my experience with LABs in the hope someone else with experience using LABs in a system can share their experiences. I am a strong proponent in their use as I see all positive results in my system and they are very simple to make. I figure the more people know about them and their proper use the better. I have looked at water sample slides under the microscope before, after and during their use to explore their interaction more and understand concentrations better.

Hearing that LABs extend the self life of products is just another positive mark for their use. Great to hear.

LABs is low pH. In small systems its a great pH Down Option. In larger systems it generally has less of a pH impact.

How much are you adding 1:1000?

The foam is pretty normal most likely just the fats left over from the milk.

Glad to hear its helping your system.

Thanks for weighing in,

I add a gallon per 1000 to the system.