June Webinar: Understanding the Nutrient / Plant Relationship in Aquaponics

“Understanding the Nutrient / Plant Relationship in Aquaponics” is the Aquaponics Association’s Monthly Public Webinar for June, 2021. Space is limited, reserve your spot: https://bit.ly/AQPnutrients

The Webinar will feature Steve Raisner of @potentponics. Steve has consulted on numerous large-scale aquaponics projects around the globe and is considered an industry expert in the science of aquaponics. Steve manages a commercial aquaponic nutrient management service that is responsible for over a half a million gallons of aquaponics water! @potentponics is the oldest aquaponic cannabis system design, consulting, and education company. Steve’s focus is cannabis, but his expertise applies to the growth of all crops and the presentation will be focused on all crops.

This will be alot of fun. Together with True Aquaponics I currently test & manage over half a million gallons of commercial aquaponic facilities both vegetables and Cannabis across North America Monthly. We will be talking about some of that data and some of the trends we see in commercial large scale aquaponics in terms of nutrient deficiencies we are seeing often.

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I look forward to seeing you all this evening you won’t want to miss this especially if your a leafy greens producer.

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Here are the links from tonight’s presentation:

Aquaponic Nutrient Testing Database:
Aquaponic Nutrient Testing Database

Oregon Department of Agriculture:

Cannabis Horticultural Association Resource Page:

True Aquaponic Nutrients


Potent Ponics Youtube
Potent Ponics Youtube

Aquaponic Vegetable & Cannabis Classes

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Will the webinar recording be available here?

The webinar can now be accessed here:


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