Journal special issues, contaminants of emerging concern

Hello aquaponics community! Are you of you doing work related to contaminants of emerging concern? Things like perfluoryl alkyl substances (PFAS), micropollutants, microplastics, personal care products (PCPs), etc?

I know that these are not things that typicall end up in aquaponics, but they might eventually end up there as more marginal water quality sources are used and under increased instances of recycle. This is not a typical aquapoincs topic, but I need some help with a special issue of a journal I am editing for the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR). Not terribly hard to publish with them if you have something on this topic or you know someone who does.

I’ve attached the writeup for the special issue. The due date says Oct 15 (yesterday), but at this point, anything by Dec 15 would be great. Do you have anything at all on emerging contaminants? Or know someone who does?

special issue call.pdf (177.3 KB)

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Hi Nathan, These chemicals are for sure a growing issue for water conservation. I know a lady that does research with PFAS in natural aquatic systems but I don’t know of anyone doing research with PFAS in aquaponics. Let me know if you are interested in speaking with her. Hopefully this comment will keep your post near the top of the list as your deadline approaches.