Invitation to submit abstracts to European Aquaculture Society Conference, Rimini, Italy 27-30 September 2022

Dear Colleagues, I am writing to make you aware of the EAS conference that will be held in Rimini, Italy 27-30 September 2020 and to hopefully attract some of you to submit abstracts for the aquaponics sessions.
There is still a fair bit of time to submit abstracts as the deadline is the 1st of May 2022. For posters the deadline is in July. We are hoping that we can encourage researchers, students, practitioners and industry to submit quality abstracts and apart from holding some riveting aquaponic sessions, this will give us a chance to meet up and discuss aquaponics in a forum that we can set up in parallel to our sessions. I think it would be great if we could get also get our research students in touch with one another as well. Please will you kindly pass on this message and the links to colleagues and other AA members and anyone else you think may be interested in submitting an abstract or attending the conference. Here are the important documents and links:

The AE2022 site is at

Deadline is May 1.

Oral slots in each session are now 15 minutes

Italy at the end of the summer - what is not to like? Please contact me for more information and or to discuss EU Aquaponics etc.
Best wishes
Benz Kotzen ( [email protected] )
University of Greenwich

PS the Springer publication Aquaponic Food Production Systems has now been downloaded in full/part over 1.1 million times.